Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From the heart

Hellooooo everybodyyyy :D

Woaah , has it really been THAT long ?!!

I've been extremely busy and besides that, I also took some time to spend with my family and close friends .
Because I'm on the road a lot I can't keep up that well with ALL my friends , it makes me sad sometimes , cuz all of a sudden some get married or have kids and it saddens me that I often can't be there to see their smile on those special moments. Even worse some friends haven't seen me for years ! Shame on me , I've been a bad friend ...
So therefor, I wanna take the time right now to tell them that Im truly sorry that Im not always close but I keep u all close in my heart and although u cannot see my face when I hear the good news , trust me it makes me smile like a kid going to Disneyland ! And I apologize for not being close when times got rough and you needed someone to listen , ...  , I'm still just a phonecall away , anytime , I'll make time !

What I remember most of the past weeks is the sad loss of the greatest entertainer of all times.
The death of Michael Jackson was so unreal to me and it still is. I cannot believe it but I have to...
That evening , I was on facebook and someone posted 'MJ dead' !  I couldn't and didn't wanna believe it , so I ignored it , until a second line popped up a few sec later  ' The king of pop died !!'
I instantly put CNN on and watched as my heart ached. It went from 'dead' according to TMZ to 'hospitalized' to 'in a coma' to 'confirmed: MJ died at 50' ...  I've never felt so angry and sad at the same time . It was like the media was playing an emotional game . Hope , No hope , Hope again ,  all of that to get more viewers until finally , it hit me , he was gone ... and all I felt was emptiness...
It might sound strange but it was like I knew him ... I grew up with him in my world . He was my driving inspiration , he was the reason I fell in love with music . We all did a Jackson move in our lifetime , all of us , maybe u failed at the attempt , but u tried and u can't deny that ;)
I remember recording every lil piece of footage of him and spend hours rewinding and replaying it until I got the moves 'right' ...
But besides being my musical first love , he gave me something bigger than that , he reminded me how to be a better person , to help those in need and to be tolerant and respect others ... And I truly thank him for that .
His death is the biggest loss in the history of music , he's legacy lives on , forever.
If one day I'm blessed with children and maybe grandchildren , I will surely tell them about MJ , my peter pan and let his music do the rest... He was the soundtrack of my youth...and its still playing...
My prayers go out to his children and family... I hope he can have the rest he deserves ... , R.I.P Michael Jackson .

Go hug your father , mother , brother , sister , husband, wife , boyfriend, girlfriend , best friend , cat , dog , fish ( ?lol ) , pet in general ,whoever is precious to you !! Because you are blessed to be alive , so show them love !

Love , be grateful , smile , learn , appreciate and be loyal.




  1. heloo ..hi, my name is Rodrigo, i'm Brazilian and i'd like to have the lyric of "the sound of missing you" pleasseee ..i hear your song every day !!! if so, you can send me to my e-mail that is: diguinhu_oliveira2@hotmail.com .
    thanks a lot !!!!!
    you are a big star !

  2. Ameerah! :) its me Tony. your a good friend who cares ALOT. message me please and maybe we can IM on msn or yahoo :D. ur number 1 fan Tony H... lots of love to you from me!!!!!!! :D