Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anastacia In Belgium

Awwwwoooo Everybody ! ;p

Hope everyone of you is happy and smiley ?!

Yesterday I had an amazing day !  
A Belgian TV Channel asked me to do an interview with Anastacia last week and of course I didn't refuse that offer. It was awesome !

So yesterday before her show , after seeing her rehearse  ( she already blew me away ! ) , I got the chance to meet her and ask her some questions.
First of all I gotta say , she looks great !! I know she always did , but this time the glasses were gone, she had a cute lil flower in her hair , and she just added a more 'classy' feminine swung to her new look.
In front of me was a newborn woman who is so strong and has a lot of love in her heart for her family and fans. 

I wanna give you guys a 'respectful' look behind the scenes and  I wanna show you how I experienced my lil 'chit chat' with her. 

So as I said, her style and look was on check, BUT what amazed me most is her strenght and her inner beauty.

She spoke so open about herself , Love , her Job, her Fans, The Music business , Music, her fight against cancer , her fears , her drive , her husband ... she shared it all. 
We we're supposed to talk for 15 min and in the end we easily passed over 30 min . The lady from the recordlabel stopped the interview but  IMPO she had much more to talk about and to share.

I'm not gonna write too much , cuz the interview will explain it all.
But there is one thing she said that I will never forget in my life and I thank her for that :
" I am BLESSED with my medical conditions that I have " ( she has Crohn disease , has a heart condition,  survived Breastcancer , and has an autistic brother , ...!!! ) 
Why she said that ? You gotta watch the show to found out :p  ! 
But isn't it beautiful?? A lot of other people would ask themselves the question ' Why me?' ' Why am I going trough all this pain ' Not Anastacia, she looks at it in a different way , its her "Blessing" that made her the strong, humble, loving woman that she is today !

The Interview will be aired , tomorrow on " De Rode Loper " on  Eén  in Belgium. 
The reporter was so happy with the interview that he told me he was gonna post the extended version online . As soon as I have the link I'll post it here.

But to all her fans, I send much love out to her too and know one thing : She truly loves u with a passion and thanks you guys soooo much for all you did for her and she's doing it all for you !

Big hug to all of you
Stay Fab

Bless you




  1. thanks for such great interview, too bad many of us won't see it, the website doesn't allow the vision to those who live outside belgium...
    not fair.. :(

  2. Hey A.
    Ga je een promo tour doen, en komt die dan alsook naar ons klein landje ?

    We love you!

  3. Hey everybody !
    @Jhuygens : thaaank u , it was an awesome experience !
    @rosa , you can see it on youtube now , if you go to ameerahmusic channel it should be listed between my favorites :) I'll try to post it here too
    @Mark , ik hou je op de hoogte maar ik denk het wel ;p thanks for the love , right back at u ;)